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1. 'a' is for a-l-i-v-e
2. 't is
3. 't is genoeg
4. 't is ok
5. -norm is dual to
6. ...and life is very long
7. ...and the bass is queen
8. ...if one of them is dead
9. ...it just is
10. ...that's the way it is
11. ...the truth is a fucking lie
12. . chlorosis is sometimes so called
13. 1 is one
14. 2 live crew is what we are
15. 4eva is a mighty long time
16. 5 is the perfect number
17. 7th is made up of phantoms
18. [his] bark is worse than his bite
19. [one's] goose is cooked
20. a... my name is alice
21. a.k.a customer service is standing by
22. a band is born
23. a bell is a cup
24. a bird in hand is worth two in the bush
25. a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush
26. a boy's best friend is his mother
27. a boy is a gun
28. a boys best friend is his mother
29. a buck is a buck
30. a buck is a buck is a buck
31. a bullet is waiting
32. a calorie is a calorie
33. a camel is a horse made by a committee
34. a century is not enough
35. a chance to cut is a chance to cure
36. a change is as good as a rest
37. a change is gonna come
38. a child is born
39. a child is waiting
40. a city is beautiful at night
41. a city is not a tree
42. a colt is my passport
43. a contented mind is a perpetual feast
44. a country star is born
45. a cowboy's work is never done
46. a cowboys work is never done
47. a danger foreseen is half avoided
48. a diamond is forever
49. a dog is a man's best friend
50. a dog is a mans best friend
51. a dream is a wish your heart makes
52. a drum is a woman
53. a fault confessed is half redressed
54. a fight for what is right
55. a finite integral domain is a field
56. a flag is born
57. a flower is a lovesome thing
58. a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds
59. a friend in need is a friend indeed
60. a friend is a treasure
61. a ghost is born
62. a girl is a half-formed thing
63. a girl is a half formed thing
64. a glitch is a glitch
65. a good deed is its own reward
66. a good friend is nice
67. a good man is hard to find
68. a good snowman is hard to build
69. a good woman is hard to find
70. a guy is a guy
71. a hand is on the gate
72. a hard man is good to find
73. a heart is a house for love
74. a hit is a hit
75. a house is not a home
76. a house is not a motel
77. a is a
78. a is for a l i v e
79. a is for aardvark
80. a is for accident
81. a is for acid
82. a is for activist
83. a is for alibi
84. a is for allah
85. a is for answers
86. a is for astronaut
87. a is for atom
88. a is less than b or greater thanb
89. a kiss is a terrible thing to waste
90. a kiss is just a kiss
91. a kähler manifold is symplectic
92. a lawman is born
93. a lion is in the streets
94. a little frog is looking for his father
95. a little is enough
96. a little knowledge is a dangerous thing
97. a little learning is a dangerous thing
98. a man's home is his castle
99. a man is known by the company he keeps
100. a man is mostly water

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