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1. axis bulbi internus
2. bursa of obturator internus
3. cylindrus,-i internus
4. cylindrus i internus
5. hydrocephalus internus
6. internus
7. meatus acusticus internus
8. musculus intercostalis internus
9. musculus obliquus internus abdominis
10. musculus obturator internus
11. musculus pterygoideus internus
12. musculus rectus internus
13. musculus sphincter ani internus
14. musculus thyroarytenoideus internus
15. musculus vastus internus
16. nerve to obturator internus
17. nerve to the obturator internus
18. nervus caroticus internus
19. obliqui internus
20. obliquus internus
21. obliquus internus abdominis
22. obliquus internus abdominis muscle
23. obturator internus
24. obturator internus muscle
25. obturator internus nerve
26. obturatorius internus
27. plexus caroticus internus
28. plexus mammarius internus
29. plexus maxillaris internus
30. plexus venosus caroticus internus
31. porus acusticus internus
32. pterygoidei internus
33. pterygoideus internus
34. ramus internus nervi accessorii
35. ramus internus nervi laryngei superioris
36. sfinkter ani internus
37. sphincter ani internus
38. sphincter ani internus muscle
39. sulcus spiralis internus
40. vastus internus
41. vena cerebrum internus


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