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1. appendix fibrosa hepatis
2. area nuda hepatis
3. facies visceralis hepatis
4. flexura hepatis
5. hepatis
6. impressio cardiaca hepatis
7. incisura ligamenti teretis hepatis
8. ligamentum coronarium hepatis
9. ligamentum falciforme hepatis
10. ligamentum teres hepatis
11. lobulus hepatis
12. lobus hepatis dexter
13. lobus hepatis sinister
14. margo inferior hepatis
15. pars quadrata hepatis
16. peliosis hepatis
17. pons hepatis
18. ponticulus hepatis
19. porta hepatis
20. ramus dexter venae portae hepatis
21. ramus sinister venae portae hepatis
22. segmenta hepatis
23. tunica fibrosa hepatis
24. tunica serosa hepatis
25. vas aberrans hepatis
26. vena afferentes hepatis
27. vena portae hepatis
28. venae centrales hepatis
29. venae interlobulares hepatis


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