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1. access granted
2. be granted a legacy
3. don't take love for granted
4. dont take love for granted
5. given granted
6. government-granted monopoly
7. government granted monopoly
8. granted
9. granted amnesty
10. granted …
11. list of golf clubs granted royal status
12. list of people granted asylum
13. list of people granted political asylum
14. may your wishes be granted
15. mistaken for granted
16. not take anything for granted
17. people granted asylum
18. people granted political asylum
19. persons granted asylum
20. persons granted political asylum
21. rhysently granted
22. take for granted
23. take it for granted
24. take someone for granted
25. take something for granted
26. take sth for granted
27. take sth or sb for granted
28. taken for granted
29. takes for granted
30. takes it for granted
31. taking for granted
32. taking it for granted
33. took for granted
34. took it for granted
35. you take for granted


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