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1. 'ullo john! gotta new motor
2. a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do
3. a man's gotta eat
4. a mans gotta do what a mans gotta do
5. a mans gotta eat
6. do what i gotta do
7. do what u gotta do
8. do what you gotta do
9. doin' what i gotta do
10. doin what i gotta do
11. don't gotta work it out
12. dont gotta work it out
13. everybody's gotta pay some dues
14. everybodys gotta pay some dues
15. first ya gotta shake the gate
16. frasier gotta have it
17. Gotta
18. gotta be me
19. gotta be somebody
20. gotta be you
21. gotta catch 'em all
22. gotta catch em all
23. gotta get a grip
24. gotta get away
25. gotta get back to you
26. gotta get down to it
27. gotta get home
28. gotta get it
29. gotta get mine
30. gotta get over
31. gotta get thru this
32. gotta get up
33. gotta get you home tonight
34. gotta getcha
35. gotta go
36. gotta go fast
37. gotta go gotta leave
38. gotta go my own way
39. gotta have it
40. gotta have love
41. gotta have you
42. gotta kick it up
43. gotta know
44. gotta leave
45. gotta let this hen out
46. gotta let you go
47. gotta love
48. gotta make it
49. gotta man
50. gotta see jane
51. gotta see saturdays
52. gotta serve somebody
53. gotta stop
54. gotta tell you
55. gotta thing about you
56. gotta travel on
57. gotta work
58. how it's gotta be
59. how its gotta be
60. i've gotta be me
61. i've gotta get a message to you
62. i've gotta horse
63. i gotta be me
64. i gotta dance to keep from crying
65. i gotta feelin
66. i gotta feeling
67. i gotta get mine yo
68. i gotta get to you
69. i gotta habit
70. i gotta know
71. i gotta make it
72. i gotta right to sing the blues
73. i gotta right to swing
74. if you gotta make a fool of somebody
75. it's gotta be you
76. it ain't gotta be love
77. it aint gotta be love
78. its gotta be you
79. ive gotta be me
80. ive gotta get a message to you
81. ive gotta horse
82. jack gotta
83. l gotta fly
84. love's gotta hold on me
85. loves gotta hold on me
86. lt. gov. you've gotta love
87. lt gov youve gotta love
88. salvator gotta
89. say i gotta believe
90. she's gotta have it
91. shes gotta have it
92. some days you gotta dance
93. somebody's gotta do it
94. somebodys gotta do it
95. something's gotta give
96. something gotta give
97. somethings gotta give
98. still gotta mean something
99. that's all you gotta do
100. thats all you gotta do

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