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1. a case against the go to statement
2. abbott and costello go to mars
3. all dogs go to heaven
4. all dogs go to heaven 2
5. bad girls go to hell
6. bad kids go to hell
7. bad news bears go to japan
8. before i go to sleep
9. chipmunks go to the movies
10. come go to the rescue of
11. computed go to
12. did marco polo go to china
13. do g's get to go to heaven
14. do gs get to go to heaven
15. do the handicapped go to hell
16. do travel writers go to hell
17. don't go to jail
18. don't go to sleep
19. don't go to strangers
20. don't let devon go to waste
21. don't let it go to waste
22. don't let it go to your head
23. don't let our youth go to waste
24. don't wanna go to bed now
25. dont go to jail
26. dont go to sleep
27. dont go to strangers
28. dont let devon go to waste
29. dont let it go to waste
30. dont let it go to your head
31. dont let our youth go to waste
32. dont wanna go to bed now
33. even pigeons go to heaven
34. everybody wants to go to heaven
35. five go to billycock hill
36. five go to demon's rocks
37. five go to demons rocks
38. five go to mystery moor
39. five go to smuggler's top
40. five go to smugglers top
41. get go to sleep
42. girls want to go to a nightclub
43. go to
44. go to any length
45. go to any lengths
46. go to arbitration
47. go to bat
48. go to bat against
49. go to bat for
50. go to bat for someone
51. go to bed
52. go to bed matchbox
53. go to bed with
54. go to bed with bisques
55. go to bed with sb
56. go to bed with someone
57. go to bed with the chickens
58. go to bed with the sun
59. go to blazes
60. go to canossa
61. go to card
62. go to church
63. go to contract
64. go to court
65. go to davy jones's locker
66. go to davy joness locker
67. go to do something
68. go to earth
69. go to expense
70. go to extreme/great lengths
71. go to extreme great lengths
72. go to extremes
73. go to glory
74. go to grass
75. go to great/extreme/any etc. lengths
76. go to great/extreme/any etc lengths
77. go to great extreme any etc lengths
78. go to great lengths
79. go to great lengths to
80. go to great pains
81. go to ground
82. go to guy
83. go to head
84. go to heaven
85. go to hell
86. go to hell and back
87. go to hell in a bucket
88. go to hell in a handbasket
89. go to hell in a handcart
90. go to into
91. go to it
92. go to law
93. go to market
94. go to meet one's maker
95. go to meet ones maker
96. go to meeting
97. go to meetinga
98. go to nassau
99. go to one's glory
100. go to one's grave

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