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1. adaptive functioning
2. advanced state of mental functioning
3. borderline intellectual functioning
4. differential item functioning
5. executive functioning
6. family functioning
7. functioning
8. functioning as
9. functioning as sth/sb
10. functioning as sth sb
11. functioning on impatience
12. functioning time
13. functioning tumor
14. global assessment of functioning
15. global assessment of functioning scale
16. hard disk drive functioning
17. high-functioning alcoholic
18. high-functioning alcoholism
19. high-functioning autism
20. high-functioning autistic
21. high functioning alcoholic
22. high functioning alcoholism
23. high functioning autism
24. high functioning autistic
25. knowledge: sexual functioning
26. low-functioning autism
27. low functioning autism
28. sexual functioning
29. social functioning
30. start functioning
31. stop functioning


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