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1. copper-fasten
2. copper fasten
3. fasten
4. fasten down
5. fasten in
6. fasten in a knot
7. fasten in position securely
8. fasten off
9. fasten on
10. fasten on/upon
11. fasten on/upon sth
12. fasten on upon
13. fasten on upon sth
14. fasten one's eyes upon
15. fasten ones eyes upon
16. fasten oneself upon
17. fasten onto
18. fasten securely
19. fasten something on/upon
20. fasten something on upon
21. fasten sth on to together etc
22. fasten to
23. fasten to a stake
24. fasten together
25. fasten up
26. fasten upon
27. fasten with a belt
28. fasten with a cable
29. fasten with a chain
30. fasten with a garter
31. fasten with a hook
32. fasten with a lock
33. fasten with a peg
34. fasten with a picket
35. fasten with a rivet
36. fasten with a rope
37. fasten with a screw
38. fasten with a staple
39. fasten with buttons
40. fasten with pins
41. fasten with stays
42. fasten with string
43. fasten with tacks
44. fasten with tape
45. fasten with velcro
46. fasten with wire
47. fasten your seatbelt
48. fasten your seatbelts
49. to fasten
50. to fasten a charge upon
51. to fasten a crime upon
52. to fasten one's eyes upon
53. to fasten one`s eyes upon
54. to fasten ones eyes upon


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