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1. alveolar ejective
2. alveolar ejective affricate
3. alveolar ejective fricative
4. alveolar lateral ejective affricate
5. alveolar lateral ejective fricative
6. alveolo-palatal ejective affricate
7. alveolo-palatal ejective fricative
8. alveolo palatal ejective affricate
9. alveolo palatal ejective fricative
10. bilabial ejective
11. bilabial ejective fricative
12. dental ejective
13. dental ejective affricate
14. dental ejective fricative
15. ejective
16. ejective-contour clicks
17. ejective click
18. ejective consonant
19. ejective consonants
20. ejective contour clicks
21. epiglottal ejective
22. labiodental ejective fricative
23. palatal ejective
24. palatal ejective fricative
25. palatal lateral ejective affricate
26. palato-alveolar ejective affricate
27. palato-alveolar ejective fricative
28. palato alveolar ejective affricate
29. palato alveolar ejective fricative
30. retroflex ejective
31. retroflex ejective affricate
32. retroflex ejective fricative
33. uvular ejective
34. uvular ejective affricate
35. uvular ejective fricative
36. velar ejective
37. velar ejective affricate
38. velar ejective fricative
39. velar lateral ejective affricate
40. voiced ejective


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