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1. a hangover you don't deserve
2. a hangover you dont deserve
3. america we deserve
4. credit you deserve
5. deserve
6. deserve a medal
7. deserve better/more
8. deserve better from
9. deserve better more
10. deserve credit for
11. deserve the future tour
12. get all you deserve
13. get what you deserve
14. i deserve it
15. i don't deserve you
16. i dont deserve you
17. maybe i deserve
18. more than you deserve
19. none but the brave deserve the fair
20. the america we deserve
21. we all deserve to die
22. what have i done to deserve this
23. what i deserve
24. what men deserve to lose
25. you deserve a drink
26. you deserve better
27. you deserve everything
28. you deserve it
29. you deserve love
30. you deserve to be single
31. you get what you deserve


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