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1. capable of being declared ineffectual
2. capable of being declared void
3. declared
4. declared against
5. declared an interest
6. declared date
7. declared death in absentia
8. declared dividend
9. declared for
10. declared for/against sth
11. declared for against sth
12. declared insane
13. declared intention
14. declared interest
15. declared monument
16. declared monument of hong kong
17. declared monuments of ho chi minh city
18. declared monuments of hong kong
19. declared net capacity
20. declared off
21. declared pregnant woman
22. declared rare and priority flora list
23. declared speed
24. declared trump
25. declared trumps
26. declared underground water basin
27. declared value
28. declared value for carriage
29. declared value for customs
30. declared values
31. declared war
32. distance to a declared goal
33. germany declared war on the usa
34. motor vehicle declared out of service
35. not declared openly
36. positively declared
37. publicly declared that he was gay
38. self-declared
39. self-declared states
40. self declared
41. self declared states


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