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101. could it happen here
102. could might just as well do something
103. could murder sth
104. could not abide
105. could not help
106. could not x one's way out of a paper bag
107. could not x ones way out of a paper bag
108. could of
109. could of would of should of etc
110. could one be any more
111. could signal a trend
112. could standing on head
113. could talk under water
114. could talk under wet cement
115. could this be real
116. could use
117. could use something
118. could we continue this later
119. could with eyes closed
120. could with eyes shut
121. could you be loved
122. could you excuse us please
123. could you hold
124. could you keep a secret
125. could you watch your children burn
126. did everything he could 'cept eat us
127. did everything he could cept eat us
128. didn't trust as far as could throw
129. didnt trust as far as could throw
130. doesn't trust as far as could throw
131. doesnt trust as far as could throw
132. don't trust as far as could throw
133. dont trust as far as could throw
134. everything a man could ever need
135. face only a mother could love
136. face that could stop a clock
137. far as human eye could see
138. girl who could fly
139. girl who could silence the wind
140. glad you could come
141. glad you could drop by
142. glad you could stop by
143. he could be the one
144. he could not say
145. how can could
146. how can could someone
147. how could an angel break my heart
148. how could hell be any worse
149. how could i let you get away
150. how could i want more
151. how could it be
152. how could this happen to me
153. how could you
154. how could you babe
155. how could you jean
156. how i could just kill a man
157. i'm so lonesome i could cry
158. i/you/they etc. could always
159. i/you/they etc could always
160. i could be doing with
161. i could be happy
162. i could be persuaded
163. i could be so good for you
164. i could be the one
165. i could be the only one
166. i could be with anyone
167. i could care less
168. i could easily fall
169. i could eat a horse
170. i could fall in love
171. i could fall in love with you
172. i could get used to you
173. i could go on singing
174. i could have been a dreamer
175. i could have been a sailor
176. i could have danced all night
177. i could have died
178. i could live in hope
179. i could murder
180. i could murder something
181. i could never be your woman
182. i could never miss you
183. i could never say goodbye
184. i could never take the place of your man
185. i could not ask for more
186. i could not love you more
187. i could not say
188. i could read the sky
189. i could sing of your love forever
190. i could spit
191. i could write a book
192. i wish i could break your heart
193. i wish i could forget you
194. i wish i could have been there
195. i wish i could stay here
196. i wish i was queer so i could get chicks
197. i wish it could be christmas everyday
198. i wish we all could win
199. i wouldn't change you if i could
200. i wouldn't trust as far as i could throw

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