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1. acacia confusa
2. amegilla confusa
3. confusa
4. cudonia confusa
5. dasypeltis confusa
6. eryxia confusa
7. guzmania confusa
8. helicoverpa confusa
9. hyposmocoma confusa
10. iris confusa
11. lema confusa
12. macdunnoughia confusa
13. macratria confusa
14. malocampa confusa
15. mercuria confusa
16. methona confusa
17. morrisonia confusa
18. nomina confusa
19. sarcococca confusa
20. scrobipalpa confusa
21. shorea confusa
22. skimmia x confusa 'isabella
23. skimmia x confusa 'kew green
24. skimmia x confusa isabella
25. skimmia x confusa kew green
26. spialia confusa
27. tetrameres confusa
28. zale confusa


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