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1. association of combatant clerics
2. canadian surface combatant
3. combatant
4. combatant clergy association
5. combatant command
6. combatant command chaplain
7. combatant commander
8. combatant commander's required date
9. combatant commanders
10. combatant commanders required date
11. combatant commands
12. combatant craft crewman badge
13. combatant craft retrieval system
14. combatant gentlemen
15. combatant ship
16. combatant status review tribunal
17. combatant status review tribunals
18. communist combatant cells
19. day of the young combatant
20. enemy combatant
21. future surface combatant
22. groupe islamiste combatant du maroc
23. illegal combatant
24. illegal enemy combatant
25. lawful combatant
26. lawful enemy combatant
27. moroccan islamic combatant group
28. no longer enemy combatant
29. non-combatant
30. non-combatant corps
31. non-combatant evacuation operation
32. non combatant
33. non combatant corps
34. non combatant evacuation operation
35. privileged combatant
36. single class surface combatant project
37. special warfare combatant-craft crewmen
38. special warfare combatant craft crewmen
39. specified combatant command
40. surface combatant
41. tunisian combatant group
42. u.s. military combatant commands
43. unified combatant command
44. unified combatant commands
45. unlawful combatant
46. unlawful enemy combatant
47. unprivileged combatant
48. us military combatant commands
49. uxv combatant


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