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1. ... but the clouds
2. ...life is but a dream
3. ...nothing but a dream
4. ``trust but verify
5. ``trust but verify.''
6. a hero ain't nothin' but a sandwich
7. a hero aint nothin but a sandwich
8. a lebesgue measurable but non-borel set
9. a lebesgue measurable but non borel set
10. accrued but unpaid
11. age ain't nothing but a number
12. age aint nothing but a number
13. ain't but the one way
14. ain't nobody but me
15. ain't nobody here but us chickens
16. ain't nothin' but a party
17. ain't nothin' but mutton bustin
18. ain't nothin' goin' on but the rent
19. ain't nuthin' but a she thang
20. ain't nuthin but a g thing
21. ain't nuttin' but music
22. aint but the one way
23. aint nobody but me
24. aint nobody here but us chickens
25. aint nothin but a party
26. aint nothin but mutton bustin
27. aint nothin goin on but the rent
28. aint nuthin but a g thing
29. aint nuthin but a she thang
30. aint nuttin but music
31. all-but
32. all animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others
33. all but
34. all but certain to
35. all but dissertation
36. all but dissertations
37. all over but the shouting
38. almost but not quite there
39. america's funny but true history
40. americas funny but true history
41. an ill favoured thing sir but mine own
42. anton but
43. anyone but me
44. anyone else but you
45. anything but
46. anything but conservative
47. anything but down
48. anything but joey
49. anything but lonely
50. anything but love
51. anything but mine
52. anything but ordinary
53. anything but words
54. anything but you
55. anything else but the truth
56. anywhere but here
57. anywhere but home
58. association sans but lucratif
59. available but not needed capability
60. bad but good
61. be beautiful but shut up
62. beautiful but broke
63. beautiful but dangerous
64. beg your pardon but
65. begging your pardon but
66. begun but not completed
67. best of everything but the girl
68. bloodied but unbowed
69. bloody/bloodied but unbowed
70. bloody bloodied but unbowed
71. bloody but unbowed
72. but
73. but-2-ene
74. but-and-ben
75. but-and-bens
76. but-end
77. but-for
78. but-for cause
79. but-for test
80. but-thorn
81. but 2 ene
82. but always
83. but and ben
84. but and bens
85. but and if
86. but beautiful
87. but can she type
88. but can they sing
89. but end
90. but for
91. but for causation
92. but for cause
93. but for my own part it was greek to me
94. but for rule
95. but for test
96. but for the fact that
97. but for the grace of god
98. but forever in my mind
99. but gentlemen marry brunettes
100. but good

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