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1. angels brought me here
2. be brought called to account
3. be brought to account
4. be brought to bed
5. be brought up
6. been brought to bed
7. been brought up
8. being brought to bed
9. being brought up
10. Brought
11. brought-on
12. brought a rabbit out of a hat
13. brought a rabbit out of the hat
14. brought about
15. brought about by force
16. brought about ears
17. brought around
18. brought back
19. brought back down to earth
20. brought back to earth
21. brought back to life
22. brought by the sea
23. brought charges
24. brought down
25. brought down about ears
26. brought down the curtain on
27. brought forth
28. brought forward
29. brought home
30. brought home the bacon
31. brought in
32. brought into line
33. brought into play
34. brought into question
35. brought into the world
36. brought off
37. brought on
38. brought out
39. brought outside
40. brought over
41. brought over the wall
42. brought pressure to bear on
43. brought round
44. brought sb/sth along
45. brought sb/sth together
46. brought sb around
47. brought sb down
48. brought sb in
49. brought sb out
50. brought sb out in sth
51. brought sb round
52. brought sb sth along
53. brought sb sth together
54. brought sb to
55. brought sb up
56. brought sth about
57. brought sth back
58. brought sth down
59. brought sth forward
60. brought sth in
61. brought sth off
62. brought sth on
63. brought sth out
64. brought sth up
65. brought the house down
66. brought through
67. brought to
68. brought to a conclusion
69. brought to account
70. brought to bear
71. brought to book
72. brought to fruition
73. brought to heel
74. brought to her knees
75. brought to his knees
76. brought to its knees
77. brought to justice
78. brought to life
79. brought to light
80. brought to mind
81. brought to naught
82. brought to pass
83. brought to termination
84. brought to the table
85. brought to their senses
86. brought to trial
87. brought together
88. brought up
89. brought up short
90. brought up the rear
91. brought up to code
92. brought upon
93. cruelty brought thee orchids
94. dance with the one that brought you
95. i get so brought
96. is brought to bed
97. is brought up
98. look like something the cat brought in
99. look like the cat brought
100. looked like the cat brought

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