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1. ...and the battle begun
2. ...nor the battle to the strong
3. 1st battle of bull run
4. 1st battle of nola
5. 1st battle of the marne
6. 1st battle of ypres
7. 1st battle squadron
8. 2nd battle of bull run
9. 2nd battle of kidal
10. 2nd battle of nola
11. 2nd battle of sabine pass
12. 2nd battle of the marne
13. 2nd battle of the western sea
14. 2nd battle of timbuktu
15. 2nd battle of ypres
16. 2nd battle squadron
17. 3rd battle of gao
18. 3rd battle of nola
19. 3rd battle of ypres
20. 3rd battle squadron
21. 4th battle of gao
22. 4th battle squadron
23. 5th battle of gao
24. 5th battle squadron
25. 6th airborne division order of battle
26. 6th battle squadron
27. 9th battle squadron
28. a battle for the soul of new york
29. a battle of nerves
30. a battle of wills
31. a battle of wits
32. a battle royal
33. a bloody battle for revenge
34. a hymn before battle
35. a pitched battle
36. a regular epic final battle
37. a running battle
38. abbot of battle
39. aboukir bay battle of
40. abraham lincoln battle group
41. abrams battle tank
42. actium battle
43. actium battle of
44. active-time battle
45. active time battle
46. active time battle system
47. adrianople battle
48. adwa battle
49. aegospotami battle
50. aerial battle of taiwan-okinawa
51. aerial battle of taiwan okinawa
52. afghan war order of battle
53. afghanistan war order of battle
54. after the battle
55. agincourt battle
56. agincourt battle of
57. air-sea battle
58. air battle
59. air battle force
60. air battle manager
61. air battle manager badge
62. air battle of el mansoura
63. air battle of mansoura
64. air battle of south korea
65. air battle over the ore mountains
66. air defense battle zone
67. air sea battle
68. aircraft carrier battle group
69. aircraft of the battle of britain
70. airland battle
71. airland battle doctrine
72. airman battle system-ground
73. airman battle system ground
74. airman battle uniform
75. aishiya battle of
76. alamo battle
77. albrey battle
78. algerian war french order of battle
79. allegory of the battle of lepanto
80. allgemeine-ss order of battle
81. allgemeine ss order of battle
82. allied invasion of italy order of battle
83. american battle dome
84. american battle monuments commission
85. amphibious battle of gela
86. an uphill battle
87. ancient macedonian battle tactics
88. and the battle begun
89. andrew battle
90. anti-aircraft flak battle badge
91. anti aircraft flak battle badge
92. antietam battle
93. antietam battle of
94. antietam confederate order of battle
95. antietam union order of battle
96. antioch battle of
97. anzac battle group
98. anzio order of battle
99. archibald battle lovett
100. ardennes battle of the

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