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1. attrition
2. attrition bias
3. attrition damage
4. attrition mill
5. attrition mills
6. attrition minefield
7. attrition minesweeping
8. attrition rate
9. attrition rates
10. attrition reserve aircraft
11. attrition sweeping
12. attrition test
13. attrition warfare
14. battle of attrition
15. customer attrition
16. dental attrition
17. disk attrition mill
18. language attrition
19. market attrition
20. rate of attrition
21. second-language attrition
22. second language attrition
23. strategy of attrition
24. sustained attrition minefield
25. teeth attrition
26. tooth attrition
27. war of attrition
28. warm-chair attrition
29. warm chair attrition
30. wars of attrition


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