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1. -ate
2. 7 ate 9
3. a dingo ate my baby
4. ac-cent-tchu-ate the positive
5. ac cent tchu ate the positive
6. ag ate
7. aliens ate my buick
8. aliens ate my homework
9. ate-ita
10. ate-your-bun
11. ate an elephant one bite at a time
12. ate ass
13. ate at
14. ate away
15. ate away at sb
16. ate away at sth
17. ate complex
18. ate crow
19. ate cunt
20. ate de jong
21. ate diagnostics
22. ate dirt
23. ate district
24. ate dust
25. ate for breakfast
26. ate from the palm of someone's hand
27. ate from the palm of someones hand
28. ate gay
29. ate heart out
30. ate humble pie
31. ate in
32. ate into
33. ate into sth
34. ate it
35. ate ita
36. ate kosher
37. ate lead
38. ate like a bird
39. ate like a horse
40. ate on
41. ate one's seed corn
42. ate one's words
43. ate ones seed corn
44. ate ones words
45. ate ose
46. ate out
47. ate out of house and home
48. ate out of the palm of someone's hand
49. ate out of the palm of someones hand
50. ate pek ergaton
51. ate pussy
52. ate que a sorte nos separe
53. ate someone's heart
54. ate someones heart
55. ate something up
56. ate sth up
57. ate the seed corn
58. ate up
59. ate up sth
60. ate words
61. ate your bun
62. best thing i ever ate
63. bird who ate the rabbit's flower
64. bird who ate the rabbits flower
65. black ships ate the sky
66. boots who ate a match with the troll
67. cars that ate paris
68. cat ate my gymsuit
69. cat that ate the canary
70. chroma ate
71. cinderella ate my daughter
72. cockroach that ate cincinnati
73. computer that ate my brother
74. creature that ate sheboygan
75. danielle ate the sandwich
76. dingoes ate my baby
77. dog ate my homework
78. dragon who ate his tail
79. eddie ate dynamite
80. eggplant that ate chicago
81. fruit that ate itself
82. g ate valve
83. henry ate
84. hiji uchi or hiji ate
85. hiza geri or hiza ate
86. house that ate the hamptons
87. kobolds ate my baby
88. like the cat that ate the canary
89. man who ate the phoenix
90. monsters ate my birthday cake
91. my teacher ate my homework
92. night the bear ate goombaw
93. oceans ate alaska
94. ollie! the boy who became what he ate
95. r ate of flow
96. rabbit ate
97. radi-ate-veined
98. radi ate veined
99. robot ate me
100. rock star ate my hamster

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