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1. alcoholic amblyopia
2. amblyopia
3. amblyopia cruciata
4. amblyopia ex anopsia
5. amblyopia nocturnal
6. ametropic amblyopia
7. anisometropic amblyopia
8. color amblyopia
9. crossed amblyopia
10. deprivation amblyopia
11. hereditary amblyopia with quadriplegia
12. hysterical amblyopia
13. isoametropic amblyopia
14. meridional amblyopia
15. nocturnal amblyopia
16. nutritional amblyopia
17. organic amblyopia
18. quinine amblyopia
19. refractive amblyopia
20. sensory amblyopia
21. strabismic amblyopia
22. suppression amblyopia
23. tobacco amblyopia
24. toxic amblyopia
25. wheatstone amblyopia


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