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1. alike
2. alike-minded
3. alike as peas in a pod
4. alike minded
5. all coons look alike to me
6. all happy families are alike
7. are all men alike
8. as alike as chalk and cheese
9. common alike to england and america
10. creative commons attribution-share alike
11. creative commons attribution share-alike
12. creative commons attribution share alike
13. exactly alike
14. fair and fair alike
15. federal university ndufu alike ikwo
16. great minds think alike
17. jealous minds think alike
18. lick-alike
19. lick alike
20. look-alike
21. look alike
22. no two alike
23. not alike
24. people are alike all over
25. rich and poor alike
26. share-alike
27. share alike
28. share and share alike
29. shared and share alike
30. shares and share alike
31. sharing and share alike
32. souls alike
33. sound-alike
34. sound alike
35. they looked alike
36. title i look-alike loan
37. title i look alike loan


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