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1. abdal
2. abdal-hakim murad
3. abdal-karim khan astrakhani
4. abdal-latif mirza
5. abdal bela
6. abdal hakim murad
7. abdal karim khan astrakhani
8. abdal latif mirza
9. abdal latif sultan
10. abdal of turkey
11. abdal qadir as sufi
12. abdal samad
13. abdullah abdal rahman jibreen
14. cadet college hasan abdal
15. gozal abdal
16. gregorios abdal jaleel
17. hasan abdal
18. kaygusuz abdal
19. mal-e mohammad abdal ali
20. mal e mohammad abdal ali
21. mayfa abdal rahman
22. mohamed abdal salam
23. mowtowr-e abdal naruyi
24. mowtowr e abdal naruyi
25. mustafa mohamed abdal-jelil
26. mustafa mohamed abdal jelil
27. nasser gamal abdal
28. pir sultan abdal


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