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1. away wins
2. best man wins
3. body wins
4. coke wins
5. every loser wins
6. everybody wins
7. everybody wins independent movement
8. funniest wins
9. golfers with most champions tour wins
10. golfers with most european tour wins
11. golfers with most pga tour wins
12. gretel wins first prize
13. house always wins
14. india wins freedom
15. list of ag2r la mondiale wins
16. list of astana pro team wins
17. list of bmc racing team wins
18. list of cofidis wins
19. list of fdj wins
20. list of golfers with most lpga tour wins
21. list of golfers with most pga tour wins
22. list of jeff gordon wins
23. list of movistar team wins
24. list of nascar race wins by jeff gordon
25. list of ncaa football teams by wins
26. list of quick-step floors wins
27. list of quick step floors wins
28. list of race wins by jeff gordon
29. list of race wins by jimmie johnson
30. list of race wins by kyle busch
31. list of race wins by tony stewart
32. list of team lottonl-jumbo wins
33. list of team lottonl jumbo wins
34. list of team sky wins
35. list of uae abu dhabi wins
36. list of wins by lotto and its successors
37. list of wins by tony stewart
38. love wins again
39. mlb all-time managerial wins
40. mlb all time managerial wins
41. most consecutive wins over one opponent
42. most european tour wins in a year
43. most grand prix wins
44. most pga tour wins in a year
45. most wins by a head coach
46. next goal wins
47. nobody wins
48. nobody wins when nobody plays
49. obama wins
50. odd man wins
51. peru wins
52. pest man wins
53. quick wins ethnic outreach scandal
54. slow and steady wins the race
55. slow but steady wins the race
56. squibs wins the calcutta sweep
57. the body wins
58. the house always wins
59. tortoise wins by a hare
60. truth wins out
61. who dares wins
62. Wins
63. wins-ict
64. wins-r
65. wins above replacement
66. wins again
67. wins back
68. wins entertainment
69. wins entertainment ltd
70. wins ict
71. wins in a walk
72. wins node type
73. wins on points
74. wins out
75. wins over
76. wins r
77. wins sb over/round
78. wins sb over round
79. wins spurs
80. wins the day
81. wins through
82. wins to
83. your memory wins again
84. zindagi wins


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