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1. to face
2. to face a thing out
3. to face down
4. to face her past
5. to face out
6. to face the music
7. to fag out
8. to fall
9. to fall aboard of
10. to fall abroad of
11. to fall among
12. to fall astern
13. to fall away
14. to fall back
15. to fall back on
16. to fall back upon
17. to fall calm
18. to fall down
19. to fall flat
20. to fall foul
21. to fall foul of
22. to fall from
23. to fall from grace
24. to fall home
25. to fall in
26. to fall in with
27. to fall into one's hands
28. to fall into one`s hands
29. to fall into ones hands
30. to fall off
31. to fall on
32. to fall out
33. to fall over
34. to fall short
35. to fall through
36. to fall to
37. to fall to loggerheads
38. to fall to the ground
39. to fall under
40. to fall upon
41. to falls
42. to falsify
43. to fang a pump
44. to farm let
45. to fasten
46. to fasten a charge upon
47. to fasten a crime upon
48. to fasten one's eyes upon
49. to fasten one`s eyes upon
50. to fasten ones eyes upon
51. to father on
52. to father upon
53. to fear a painted devil
54. to feather an oar
55. to feather one's nest
56. to feather one`s nest
57. to feather ones nest
58. to feather the oars
59. to federalize
60. to feel after
61. to feel alive
62. to feel at home
63. to feel obliged to do sth
64. to feel of
65. to feel one's oats
66. to feel one's pulse
67. to feel one`s oats
68. to feel one`s pulse
69. to feel ones oats
70. to feel ones pulse
71. to feel the helm
72. to feel your oats
73. to feet
74. to feeze up
75. to fellowship
76. to fence the tables
77. to fend off a
78. to fend off a boat
79. to fend off a vessel
80. to fetch
81. to fetch a compass
82. to fetch a gutzer
83. to fetch a pump
84. to fetch and carry
85. to fetch away
86. to fetch headway
87. to fetch out
88. to fetch sternway
89. to fetch up
90. to fidget
91. to fight at barriers
92. to fight it out
93. to fight shy
94. to figure out
95. to figure up
96. to file with
97. to fili tis zois
98. to fill in
99. to fill out
100. to fill the ranks

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