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1. to back a rope
2. to back a warrant
3. to back against the field
4. to back an anchor
5. to back and fill
6. to back down
7. to back out
8. to back the field
9. to back the oars
10. to back the sails
11. to back up
12. to back water
13. to bagpipe the mizzen
14. to bail or bale
15. to bake astern
16. to bamboozle
17. to bank a fire
18. to bank up a fire
19. to bargain away
20. to bark off squirrels
21. to bark one's shins
22. to bark ones shins
23. to bark up the wrong tree
24. to base
25. to bate an ace
26. to batten down
27. to batten down the hatches
28. to be
29. to be a better man
30. to be a caution
31. to be a dead ringer for sb
32. to be a gay man
33. to be a hospital case
34. to be a lady
35. to be a lover
36. to be a machine
37. to be a one-man show
38. to be a one-way street
39. to be a one man show
40. to be a one way street
41. to be a pilgrim
42. to be a slave
43. to be a tiptoe
44. to be a warning shot
45. to be able to do sth blindfolded
46. to be abroad
47. to be acknown
48. to be acquainted with
49. to be after
50. to be aknow
51. to be alive
52. to be all squares
53. to be alone with you
54. to be among the missing
55. to be and to have
56. to be announced
57. to be announced - tba
58. to be announced tba
59. to be around you
60. to be as american as apple pie
61. to be astern of the reckoning
62. to be at a loss
63. to be at a stand
64. to be at cross-purposes
65. to be at cross purposes
66. to be at home on any subject
67. to be at loggerheads
68. to be at one`s beads
69. to be at six and seven
70. to be at sixes and sevens
71. to be at square
72. to be at the boiling point
73. to be at the bottom of
74. to be at the heels of
75. to be at the mercy of
76. to be badly off
77. to be believed
78. to be beside one's self
79. to be beside one`s self
80. to be beside ones self
81. to be better off
82. to be blessed with
83. to be blissfully ignorant of sth
84. to be blissfully unaware of sth
85. to be bored shitless
86. to be born in the purple
87. to be born prematurely
88. to be brought to bed
89. to be burned out
90. to be bursting
91. to be bursting at the seams
92. to be bursting with sth
93. to be called for
94. to be confined
95. to be confirmed
96. to be congratulated
97. to be continued
98. to be continued brass band
99. to be covered in sth
100. to be covered with sth

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