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1. in taberna
2. in taberna quando sumus
3. in tabulas referre
4. in tac anchoring system
5. in tact
6. in tall cotton
7. in tandem
8. in tango
9. in tank fuel pump
10. in tank toilet cleaning tablet
11. in target probe
12. in tatters
13. in tears
14. in technicolor
15. in tela
16. in tempo
17. in tempus
18. in teria volcanic field
19. in term
20. in term evaluation
21. in terminal decline
22. in terms
23. in terms of
24. in terms of/in ... terms
25. in terms of in ... terms
26. in terms of love
27. in terror of your life
28. in terrorem
29. in terrorem clause
30. in terrorem clauses
31. in terrorem populi
32. in terro’rem
33. in text advertising
34. in text citation
35. in th open
36. in tha beginning...there was rap
37. in tha beginningthere was rap
38. in thank
39. in that
40. in that/this regard
41. in that case
42. in that connection
43. in that connexion
44. in that distant place
45. in that event
46. in that location
47. in that regard
48. in that respect
49. in that this regard
50. in that water
51. in that way
52. in the... all together
53. in the/someone’s scheme of things
54. in the 18th century
55. in the 18th century prior to kant
56. in the 19th century
57. in the 1st degree
58. in the absence
59. in the absence of
60. in the absence of light
61. in the absence of pink
62. in the absence of truth
63. in the abstract
64. in the abyss
65. in the act
66. in the act of
67. in the act of doing something
68. in the adjacent apartment
69. in the adjacent house
70. in the aeroplane over the sea
71. in the affirmative
72. in the afternoon
73. in the aggregate
74. in the air
75. in the air tonight
76. in the airplane over the sea
77. in the aisles
78. in the aisles of the wild
79. in the all together
80. in the alley
81. in the altogether
82. in the area
83. in the area/region of
84. in the area of
85. in the area region of
86. in the arena
87. in the arms of
88. in the arms of an angel
89. in the arms of god
90. in the arms of love
91. in the arms of morpheus
92. in the arms of my enemy
93. in the army
94. in the army now
95. in the article of death
96. in the ascendant
97. in the ascendent
98. in the attic
99. in the attic of the universe
100. in the ayer

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