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1. 1st flying training centre
2. 2 international finance centre
3. aapt centre
4. abbotsford centre
5. abbotsford entertainment & sports centre
6. aberdeen centre
7. aberdeen cultural centre
8. aberdeen mosque and islamic centre
9. aberystwyth arts centre
10. abilities centre
11. abu dhabi international tennis centre
12. abu dhabi national exhibition centre
13. academic centre
14. academic health science centre
15. academic health sciences centre
16. access events centre
17. accommodation centre
18. accra international conference centre
19. ace centre
20. acharya harihar regional cancer centre
21. active centre
22. activity centre
23. adam smith centre
24. adelaide aquatic centre
25. adelaide city centre
26. adelaide convention centre
27. adelaide entertainment centre
28. adelaide festival centre
29. administrative centre
30. adult education centre
31. adult training centre
32. advanced ability centre
33. advanced propulsion centre
34. aeon bukit tinggi shopping centre
35. aerodynamic centre
36. aeronautical rescue coordination centre
37. africa centre
38. african conservation centre
39. age of sail heritage centre
40. agios kosmas olympic sailing centre
41. agnes etherington art centre
42. ahlul bayt islamic centre
43. ahoy centre
44. aids information centre
45. air canada centre
46. air infiltration and ventilation centre
47. air warfare centre
48. aire centre
49. airport core programme exhibition centre
50. airport freight forwarding centre
51. aitken university centre
52. ajorpazy eshratabad industrial centre
53. al-aman world capital centre
54. al-azhar english training centre
55. al-farook educational centre
56. al-mustafa centre
57. al aman world capital centre
58. al azhar english training centre
59. al farook educational centre
60. al hefaiyah conservation centre
61. al mesbar studies and research centre
62. al mustafa centre
63. alan higgs centre
64. alberta distance learning centre
65. aldershot buddhist centre
66. alderwasley hall sixth form centre
67. alexa centre
68. alexander maconochie centre
69. alexandra retail centre
70. alfred wolfsohn voice research centre
71. alger centre
72. algoma treatment and remand centre
73. alhambra centre
74. alhambra shopping centre
75. alice springs correctional centre
76. alice springs youth detention centre
77. all-russia exhibition centre
78. all-russian exhibition centre
79. all-soviet exhibition centre
80. all india united trade union centre
81. all nations centre
82. all russia exhibition centre
83. all russian exhibition centre
84. all saints pastoral centre
85. all soviet exhibition centre
86. allambie reception centre
87. alliance of the centre
88. allorhynchium cariniventre
89. almonry museum and heritage centre
90. alpensia cross-country centre
91. alpensia cross country centre
92. alpensia sliding centre
93. alternative energy promotion centre
94. alternative information centre
95. amanjaya specialist centre
96. ambatoasana centre
97. amberley museum & heritage centre
98. amitabha buddhist centre
99. amp centre
100. analysis and forecasting centre

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