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1. a reflection on sb/sth
2. a reminder of sb/sth
3. align yourself with sb/sth
4. aligned yourself with sb/sth
5. aligning yourself with sb/sth
6. aligns yourself with sb/sth
7. all eyes are on sb/sth
8. allude to sb/sth
9. alluded to sb/sth
10. alludes to sb/sth
11. alluding to sb/sth
12. along with sb/sth
13. am vested in sb/sth
14. answer for sb/sth
15. answered for sb/sth
16. answering for sb/sth
17. answers for sb/sth
18. are vested in sb/sth
19. aren't vested in sb/sth
20. as for sb/sth
21. ascribe sth to sb/sth
22. ascribed sth to sb/sth
23. ascribes sth to sb/sth
24. ascribing sth to sb/sth
25. attach to sb/sth
26. attach yourself to sb/sth
27. attached to sb/sth
28. attached yourself to sb/sth
29. attaches to sb/sth
30. attaches yourself to sb/sth
31. attaching to sb/sth
32. attaching yourself to sb/sth
33. attend to sb/sth
34. attended to sb/sth
35. attending to sb/sth
36. attends to sb/sth
37. attribute sth to sb/sth
38. attributed sth to sb/sth
39. attributes sth to sb/sth
40. attributing sth to sb/sth
41. bank on sb/sth
42. banked on sb/sth
43. banking on sb/sth
44. banks on sb/sth
45. be/have nothing to do with sb/sth
46. be a credit to sb/sth
47. be a disgrace to sb/sth
48. be a drag on sb/sth
49. be a reproach to sb/sth
50. be after sb/sth
51. be at the mercy of sb/sth
52. be at variance with sb/sth
53. be attached to sb/sth
54. be big in somewhere/sth
55. be confined to somewhere/sth
56. be crazy about sb/sth
57. be dotty about sb/sth
58. be in/out of tune with sb/sth
59. be lost without sb/sth
60. be mad about sb/sth
61. be mad for sb/sth
62. be made for sb/sth
63. be make or break for sb/sth
64. be on the track of sb/sth
65. be on the trail of sb/sth
66. be responsible to sb/sth
67. be stuck on sb/sth
68. be stuck with sb/sth
69. be the creature of sb/sth
70. be the pride of somewhere/sth
71. be unaccountable to sb/sth
72. be vested in sb/sth
73. bear down on sb/sth
74. bearing down on sb/sth
75. bears down on sb/sth
76. became of sb/sth
77. become of sb/sth
78. becomes of sb/sth
79. becoming of sb/sth
80. been vested in sb/sth
81. being vested in sb/sth
82. blow the whistle on sb/sth
83. bore down on sb/sth
84. borne down on sb/sth
85. bow to sb/sth
86. bowed to sb/sth
87. bowing to sb/sth
88. bows to sb/sth
89. burst in on sb/sth
90. bursting in on sb/sth
91. bursts in on sb/sth
92. came down on sb/sth
93. came from somewhere/sth
94. came upon sb/sth
95. can't abide sb/sth
96. can't stand the sight of sb/sth
97. cast aspersions on sb/sth
98. cast doubt/suspicion on sb/sth
99. cater for sb/sth
100. cater to sb/sth

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