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1. ...something more than nothing
2. [his] bark is worse than his bite
3. a better safe than sorry book
4. a book with more than one publisher
5. a darkness more than night
6. a death worse than fate
7. a fate worse than death
8. a fete worse than death
9. a is less than b or greater thanb
10. a language older than words
11. a little more country than that
12. a memory is better than nothing
13. a notch better than
14. actions speak louder than words
15. agreement by more than chance
16. all animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others
17. amphoe huai thap than
18. amphoe thap than
19. anything else than air
20. apparent faster-than-light
21. apparent faster than light
22. are you fitter than a pensioner
23. are you smarter than a 5th grader
24. are you smarter than a fifth grader
25. are you tougher than a boy scout
26. aung than
27. bad excuse is better than none
28. badder than b-fore
29. badder than b fore
30. bark is worse than bite
31. bark is worse than his bite
32. bark is worse than their bite
33. basudev than
34. be a fate worse than death
35. be better than nothing
36. be better than sex
37. be bigger than life
38. be easier said than done
39. be larger than life
40. be more fun than a barrel of monkeys
41. be more than a match for someone
42. be more to sth than meets the eye
43. be more to this than meets the eye
44. be no better than
45. be no better than sth
46. be nothing less than sth
47. be worse than useless
48. better-than-average effect
49. better ash than dust
50. better bigger more etc than ever
51. better dead than alien
52. better dead than red
53. better late than never
54. better never than late
55. better out than in
56. better red than dead
57. better safe than sorry
58. better than
59. better than a dream
60. better than a hallelujah
61. better than a kick in the teeth / balls
62. better than a kick in the teeth balls
63. better than a stick in the eye
64. better than a thousand
65. better than average effect
66. better than cash alliance
67. better than chocolate
68. better than ever
69. better than ezra
70. better than ezra discography
71. better than heaven
72. better than heavy
73. better than home
74. better than honour
75. better than i know myself
76. better than i used to be
77. better than knowing where you are
78. better than life
79. better than love
80. better than me
81. better than nothing
82. better than raw
83. better than revenge
84. better than sex
85. better than sex cake
86. better than that
87. better than the beatles
88. better than the rest
89. better than this
90. better than today
91. better than you
92. better than you left me
93. better your heart than mine
94. bigga than ben
95. bigger than america
96. bigger than barnum's
97. bigger than barnums
98. bigger than bigger
99. bigger than both of us
100. bigger than elvis

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