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1. 'til the medicine takes
2. 5 takes
3. a lady takes a chance
4. abby takes a stand
5. alternate takes
6. anita takes a chance
7. annabel takes a tour
8. arthur takes a stand
9. arthur takes over
10. as a duck takes to water
11. as the fancy takes
12. as the fancy takes one
13. aviary takes
14. beavis and butt-head in wiener takes all
15. beavis and butt head in wiener takes all
16. blondie takes a vacation
17. bob hope takes risks
18. cannonball takes charge
19. cheyenne takes over
20. circle takes the square
21. couple takes a wife
22. crime takes a holiday
23. curious george takes a job
24. death takes a holiday
25. degrassi takes manhattan
26. direct takes
27. doctor takes a wife
28. dolly takes a chance
29. double-takes
30. double takes
31. engine takes to the water
32. ex takes cats that are not hers
33. falcon takes over
34. farmer takes a wife
35. fashion takes a holiday
36. fate takes a hand
37. father takes a wife
38. father takes the air
39. founder takes all
40. gary takes a bath
41. girl who takes an eye for an eye
42. give-and-takes
43. give and takes
44. god takes soonest those he loveth best
45. got what it takes
46. government takes
47. granny takes a trip
48. had what it takes
49. hannah takes the stairs
50. has what it takes
51. have got what it takes
52. have what it takes
53. having what it takes
54. hero takes a fall
55. honor takes center stage
56. hot takes
57. how far shallow takes you
58. if it takes a lifetime
59. if that's what it takes
60. if thats what it takes
61. il volo takes flight
62. iris takes the fallen hero to olympus
63. it only takes a minute
64. it takes a church
65. it takes a family
66. it takes a fool to remain sane
67. it takes a heap o' livin' in a house t' make it home
68. it takes a heap o livin in a house t make it home
69. it takes a man and a woman
70. it takes a muscle
71. it takes a thief
72. it takes a thief to catch a thief
73. it takes a village
74. it takes a village to raise a child
75. it takes a whole lot of human feeling
76. it takes a worried man
77. it takes all kinds
78. it takes all kinds to make a world
79. it takes all sorts
80. it takes all sorts to make a world
81. it takes getting used to
82. it takes money to make money
83. it takes more
84. it takes one to know one
85. it takes people like you
86. it takes two
87. it takes two to make a bargain
88. it takes two to make a quarrel
89. it takes two to quarrel
90. it takes two to tangle
91. it takes two to tango
92. it takes you away
93. jack takes the floor
94. jeeves takes charge
95. jefferson airplane takes off
96. joe palooka in humphrey takes a chance
97. juliet takes a luvvah
98. kicks ass and takes names
99. lady takes a flyer
100. lady takes a sailor

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