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1. agassiz-rosedale bridge
2. agassiz rosedale bridge
3. angelus-rosedale cemetery
4. angelus rosedale cemetery
5. floyd of rosedale
6. philip rosedale
7. ron rosedale
8. rosedale
9. rosedale abbey
10. rosedale arch
11. rosedale bible college
12. rosedale center
13. rosedale chimney bank
14. rosedale chinese arborvitae
15. rosedale college
16. rosedale cottage
17. rosedale field
18. rosedale fuchsia
19. rosedale gardens historic district
20. rosedale golf club
21. rosedale heights school of the arts
22. rosedale peony
23. rosedale plantation barn
24. rosedale railway
25. rosedale station
26. rosedale union school district
27. rosedale valley bridge
28. rosedale world war i memorial arch
29. rural municipality of rosedale
30. shire of rosedale
31. toronto centre--rosedale
32. toronto centre rosedale
33. university-rosedale
34. university rosedale


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