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1. apple stem pitting virus
2. cold water pitting of copper tube
3. corrosion pitting
4. micro pitting
5. oxygen pitting
6. pitting
7. pitting--corrosion
8. pitting--tribology
9. pitting corrosion
10. pitting edema
11. pitting enamel hypoplasia
12. pitting factor
13. pitting oedema
14. pitting of strength
15. pitting of strengths
16. pitting of wits
17. pitting potential
18. pitting resistance equivalent number
19. pitting sb/sth against sb/sth
20. pitting sb sth against sb sth
21. pitting tribology
22. pitting wits against
23. seattle windshield pitting epidemic
24. severity of pitting scale
25. shallow pitting
26. unilateral compound pitting


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