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1. angle lumbosacral
2. angle lumbosacral lordotic
3. lumbosacral
4. lumbosacral angle
5. lumbosacral instability
6. lumbosacral intumescence
7. lumbosacral joint
8. lumbosacral ligaments
9. lumbosacral luxation
10. lumbosacral plexus
11. lumbosacral plexus injury
12. lumbosacral region
13. lumbosacral space
14. lumbosacral spine ct
15. lumbosacral spine x-ray
16. lumbosacral spine x ray
17. lumbosacral spondylolysis
18. lumbosacral spondylopathy
19. lumbosacral stenosis
20. lumbosacral syndrome
21. lumbosacral trunk
22. region lumbosacral
23. transitional lumbosacral vertebrae


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