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We found 53 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word text:
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Miscellaneous dictionaries Miscellaneous (2 matching dictionaries)
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Religion dictionaries Religion (1 matching dictionary)
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Tech dictionaries Tech (2 matching dictionaries)
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Quick definitions from WordNet (text)

noun:  the words of something written ("There were more than a thousand words of text")
noun:  the main body of a written work (as distinct from illustrations or footnotes etc.) ("Pictures made the text easier to understand")
noun:  a passage from the Bible that is used as the subject of a sermon ("The preacher chose a text from Psalms to introduce his sermon")
noun:  a book prepared for use in schools or colleges ("His economics textbook is in its tenth edition")

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Phrases that include text:   text editor, text book, rich text, machine-displayable text, machine displayable text, more...

Words similar to text:   schoolbook, textbook, book, copy, school text, subject, text edition, textual matter, more...

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