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We found 49 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word marginal:
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Quick definitions from WordNet (marginal)

adjective:  producing at a rate that barely covers production costs ("Marginal industries")
adjective:  of something or someone close to a lower limit or lower class ("Marginal abilities")
adjective:  of questionable or minimal quality ("Marginal writing ability")
adjective:  just barely adequate or within a lower limit ("A marginal victory")
adjective:  of a bare living gained by great labor ("A marginal existence")
adjective:  at or constituting a border or edge ("The marginal strip of beach")

Phrases that include marginal:   marginal artery of colon, marginal auricular dermatosis, marginal constituency, marginal gingiva, marginal social benefit, more...

Words similar to marginal:   bare, borderline, edge, fringe, fringy, hardscrabble, marginality, marginally, more...

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