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Quick definitions from WordNet (take)

noun:  the act of photographing a scene or part of a scene without interruption
noun:  the income arising from land or other property
verb:  head into a specified direction
verb:  experience or feel or submit to ("Take a test")
verb:  to get into a position of having, e.g., safety, comfort ("Take shelter from the storm")
verb:  take into one's possession ("I'll take three salmon steaks")
verb:  take by force
verb:  buy, select ("I'll take a pound of that sausage")
verb:  make use of or accept for some purpose ("Take a risk")
verb:  as of time or space
verb:  develop a habit
verb:  carry out ("Take action")
verb:  ascertain or determine by measuring, computing or take a reading from a dial ("Take a pulse")
verb:  be seized or affected in a specified way ("Take sick")
verb:  interpret something in a certain way; convey a particular meaning or impression ("How should I take this message?")
verb:  accept or undergo, often unwillingly
verb:  obtain by winning ("Winner takes all")
verb:  get into one's hands, take physically ("Take a cookie!")
verb:  have sex with; archaic use ("He had taken this woman when she was most vulnerable")
verb:  travel or go by means of a certain kind of transportation, or a certain route ("He takes the bus to work")
verb:  receive willingly something given or offered
verb:  assume, as of positions or roles
verb:  be capable of holding or containing ("This box won't take all the items")
verb:  be designed to hold or take ("This surface will not take the dye")
verb:  pick out, select, or choose from a number of alternatives ("Take any one of these cards")
verb:  take into consideration for exemplifying purposes ("Take the case of China")
verb:  take as an undesirable consequence of some event or state of affairs
verb:  lay claim to; as of an idea
verb:  be stricken by an illness, fall victim to an illness
verb:  aim or direct at; as of blows, weapons, or objects such as photographic equipment ("Take a swipe at one's opponent")
verb:  remove something concrete, as by lifting, pushing, taking off, etc. or remove something abstract ("Take the gun from your pocket")
verb:  proceed along in a vehicle
verb:  occupy or take on
verb:  take somebody somewhere ("Can you take me to the main entrance?")
verb:  take something or somebody with oneself somewhere ("Take these letters to the boss")
verb:  receive or obtain by regular payment ("We take the Times every day")
verb:  admit into a group or community
verb:  have with oneself; have on one's person ("She always takes an umbrella")
verb:  make a film or photograph of something ("Take a scene")
verb:  be a student of a certain subject
verb:  serve oneself to, or consume regularly ("I don't take sugar in my coffee")
verb:  take on a certain form, attribute, or aspect
verb:  engage for service under a term of contract ("Shall we take a guide in Rome?")
verb:  require as useful, just, or proper ("It takes nerve to do what she did")

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Words similar to take:   assume, proceeds, accept, acquire, admit, adopt, aim, ask, bring, carry, charter, choose, claim, conduct, consider, consume, contain, contract, convey, deal, more...

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