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Sorry, no dictionaries indexed in the selected category contain the exact phrase snowed in at the house of mouse.

Reverse dictionary results:
1. murine
2. lymphocytic choriomeningitis
3. baiomys taylori
4. pygmy mouse
5. creep
6. igloo
7. house mouse
8. mus musculus
9. mus
10. click
11. housebreaking
12. topek
13. deceive
14. termites
15. noun
16. genus mus
17. shrew
18. trackball
19. edge
20. cerastium arvense
21. field chickweed
22. field mouse-ear
23. fall
24. chickweed
25. love-in-a-mist
26. harvest mouse
27. deep
28. bank
29. diner
30. chevrotain
31. drag
32. field mouse
33. vole
34. alpine mouse-ear
35. arctic mouse-ear
36. cerastium alpinum
37. cerastium tomentosum
38. fieldmouse
39. snow-in-summer
40. pika

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