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Sorry, no dictionaries indexed in the selected category contain the exact phrase scissor billed koa finch.

Reverse dictionary results:
1. cardinal
2. siskin
3. redbird
4. cardinal grosbeak
5. cardinalis cardinalis
6. carduelis spinus
7. richmondena cardinalis
8. crossbill
9. grosbeak
10. bullfinch
11. hawfinch
12. loxia curvirostra
13. junco
14. grossbeak
15. honeycreeper
16. tanager
17. pyrrhuloxia
18. pyrrhuloxia sinuata
19. linnet
20. goldfinch
21. chaffinch
22. snowbird
23. redpoll
24. ricebird
25. towhee
26. canary
27. weaverbird
28. brambling
29. pine siskin
30. weaver
31. canary bird
32. grass finch
33. new world sparrow
34. amadavat
35. carduelis cannabina
36. carduelis carduelis
37. carduelis cucullata
38. carduelis flammea
39. carduelis hornemanni
40. carpodacus mexicanus

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