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1. put 'em down
2. put 'em high
3. put 'em in a box
4. put 'em in their place
5. put 'em on the glass
6. put 'em under pressure
7. put 'em up
8. put /lay your cards on the table
9. put 5 on it
10. put a b on that eat
11. put a bee in bonnet
12. put a block on something
13. put a bold face on
14. put a bomb under
15. put a book in your hand
16. put a brake on
17. put a brave face/front on something
18. put a brave face front on something
19. put a brave face on
20. put a brave face on it
21. put a brave front on
22. put a bridle on
23. put a bug in ear
24. put a bug in someone's ear
25. put a bug in someones ear
26. put a bug in someone’s ear
27. put a cap on
28. put a cinch on
29. put a cock in it
30. put a collar on
31. put a construction on sth
32. put a contract out on
33. put a cork in it
34. put a crimp in
35. put a crimp in/on something
36. put a crimp in on something
37. put a crown on
38. put a dampener on
39. put a damper/dampener on something
40. put a damper/dampener on sth
41. put a damper dampener on something
42. put a damper dampener on sth
43. put a damper on
44. put a dent in
45. put a dick in your ear
46. put a dog in it
47. put a dog off the scent
48. put a doink
49. put a dong in it
50. put a donk on it
51. put a door in
52. put a false appearance on
53. put a false appearance upon
54. put a false construction on
55. put a false construction upon
56. put a false sense on
57. put a fast one over on
58. put a figure on
59. put a figure on it
60. put a foot wrong
61. put a fucking shirt on
62. put a girl in it
63. put a gloss on sth
64. put a good face on it
65. put a good face on something
66. put a grip on it
67. put a guilt trip on
68. put a gun to head
69. put a halt to
70. put a harness on
71. put a hijab on that
72. put a hold on
73. put a hold on something
74. put a hole in yo back
75. put a hole through
76. put a hood on it
77. put a hook in that
78. put a horse out to pasture
79. put a human face on something
80. put a hump on a camels back
81. put a hurtin on
82. put a hustle bone in it
83. put a jacket on
84. put a jihad
85. put a kettle on
86. put a lid on
87. put a lid on it
88. put a lid on something
89. put a little doggy in ya hanky
90. put a little south in your mouth
91. put a lot on it
92. put a mark on
93. put a mark upon
94. put a mask on
95. put a match to
96. put a match to sth
97. put a meaning on
98. put a mirror under their nose
99. put a name to
100. put a name to a face

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