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Sorry, no dictionaries indexed in the selected category contain the exact phrase project management software.

Reverse dictionary results:
1. code review
2. change control plan
3. work breakdown structure (wbs)
4. charge
5. change board
6. cone of uncertainty
7. phase
8. walkthrough
9. systems development life cycle (sdlc)
10. stand
11. go-no go decision
12. defect tracking
13. risk
14. database management system
15. dbms
16. joint venture
17. authoring language
18. defect
19. design review
20. detailed design
21. shoot
22. economy
23. manoeuvre
24. giveback
25. unfair labor practice
26. venture team
27. architecture
28. system
29. rapid application development (rad)
30. requirements traceability
31. unified modeling language (uml)
32. reuseability
33. application
34. detailed design document
35. overglaze
36. flexibilty
37. enhancement
38. carriage
39. release
40. delivery

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