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Sorry, no dictionaries indexed in the selected category contain the exact phrase phnom penh cable television.

Reverse dictionary results:
1. pnom-penh
2. communist party of kampuchea
3. khmer rouge
4. kr
5. party of democratic kampuchea
6. cablecast
7. cablevision
8. narrowcast
9. pay-cable
10. pay-per-view
11. cable television
12. interactive
13. federal communications commission
14. closed circuit
15. superstation
16. fcc
17. electrical cable
18. coaxial+cable
19. cable system
20. cable television service
21. network
22. closed-circuit television
23. communication
24. transmit
25. telecommunication
26. conduit
27. scan
28. closed-circuit
29. raster
30. grommet
31. hbo
32. rediffusion
33. hdtv
34. high-definition television
35. waveguide
36. high-definition
37. cue card
38. ethernet
39. chat
40. power pack

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