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We found 41 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word metro:
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General dictionaries General (29 matching dictionaries)
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Art dictionaries Art (1 matching dictionary)
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Business dictionaries Business (1 matching dictionary)
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Computing dictionaries Computing (2 matching dictionaries)
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Medicine dictionaries Medicine (2 matching dictionaries)
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Miscellaneous dictionaries Miscellaneous (2 matching dictionaries)
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Slang dictionaries Slang (1 matching dictionary)
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Sports dictionaries Sports (1 matching dictionary)
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Tech dictionaries Tech (2 matching dictionaries)
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Quick definitions from WordNet (metro)

noun:  electric underground railway
name:  A surname (very rare: popularity rank in the U.S.: #20085)

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Phrases that include metro:   metro detroit, 7th street metro center, akron metro regional transit authority, aumale metro station, bangkok metro purple line, more...

Words similar to metro:   subway, tube, underground, more...

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