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Sorry, no dictionaries indexed in the selected category contain the exact phrase israel-lebanon peace treaty.

Reverse dictionary results:
1. sadat
2. begin
3. menachem begin
4. anwar el-sadat
5. anwar sadat
6. levant
7. jordan
8. golan
9. golan heights
10. forces of umar al-mukhtar
11. umar al-mukhtar forces
12. induciae
13. peace of westphalia
14. truce
15. pacification
16. peace initiative
17. signal
18. working
19. hess
20. rudolf hess
21. walther richard rudolf hess
22. peacekeeping
23. husain
24. husayn
25. hussein
26. ibn talal hussein
27. king hussein
28. hamas
29. islamic resistance movement
30. assassinate
31. plo
32. negotiate
33. proposal
34. arab-israeli war
35. tribute
36. yom kippur war
37. jehoshaphat
38. contraband
39. collective security
40. united nations

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