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Sorry, no dictionaries indexed in the selected category contain the exact phrase fis nordic skiing world championships.

Reverse dictionary results:
1. pole
2. alpine
3. nordic skiing
4. nordic camber
5. camber
6. double camber
7. tomba
8. alpine camber
9. aryan
10. cross-country
11. ski jumping
12. grand prix
13. ymir
14. rapee
15. stem
16. slope
17. dempsey
18. jack dempsey
19. michael gerald tyson
20. mike tyson
21. the manassa mauler
22. tyson
23. william harrison dempsey
24. ali
25. anatoli karpov
26. anatoli yevgenevich karpov
27. bobby fischer
28. cassius clay
29. cassius marcellus clay
30. charles liston
31. fischer
32. gary kasparov
33. gary weinstein
34. gene tunney
35. james joseph tunney
36. karpov
37. kasparov
38. liston
39. marciano
40. muhammad ali

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