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Sorry, no dictionaries indexed in the selected category contain the exact phrase children's cancer center of lebanon.

Reverse dictionary results:
1. tripoli
2. tarabulus ash-sham
3. trablous
4. druze
5. antakiya
6. antakya
7. antioch
8. antineoplastic
9. battle
10. antineoplastic drug
11. cancer drug
12. cancel
13. stage
14. leukemia
15. round
16. carcinogen
17. hear
18. alep
19. aleppo
20. omdurman
21. tropic
22. beirut
23. lebanese
24. melanoma
25. cancroid
26. crab
27. leukaemia
28. alkalating agent
29. sarcoma
30. epithelioma
31. cancer of the blood
32. cancriform
33. lebanese monetary unit
34. lymphoma
35. periwinkle plant derivative
36. acute leukemia
37. cancerophobia
38. carcinogenic
39. chronic leukemia
40. squamous cell carcinoma

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