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Sorry, no dictionaries indexed in the selected category contain the exact phrase Cardiac silhouette.

Reverse dictionary results:
1. shadowgraph
2. outline
3. figure
4. planform
5. profile
6. nebula
7. shape
8. form
9. shadow
10. silhouetted
11. silhouetting
12. silhouettist
13. pacemaker
14. digitalis
15. digitalin
16. digitalis glycoside
17. adams-stokes syndrome
18. atrioventricular block
19. atrioventricular bundle
20. atrioventricular trunk
21. bradycardia
22. bundle of his
23. cpr
24. heart block
25. stokes-adams syndrome
26. systolic murmur
27. tachycardia
28. truncus atrioventricularis
29. asystole
30. murmur
31. myocardium
32. atrioventricular node
33. atrioventricular valve
34. cantering rhythm
35. cardiac glycoside
36. cardiac pacemaker
37. cardiac valve
38. cardiacal
39. cardiogenic shock
40. cusp

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