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Sorry, no dictionaries indexed in the selected category contain the exact phrase 1976 winter paralympics.

Reverse dictionary results:
1. lipscomb
2. nickelodeon
3. swann
4. aalto
5. entebbe
6. andre malraux
7. borg
8. dame sybil thorndike
9. dolores
10. don luchino visconti conte di modrone
11. l. s. lowry
12. laurence stephen lowry
13. lowry
14. luchino visconti
15. malraux
16. sir mortimer wheeler
17. sir robert eric mortimer wheeler
18. thorndike
19. visconti
20. wheeler
21. mao
22. mao tsetung
23. mao zedong
24. omen
25. piston
26. walter piston
27. bultmann
28. flnc
29. national liberation front of corsica
30. rudolf bultmann
31. rudolf karl bultmann
32. alvar aalto
33. chou en-lai
34. hugo alvar henrik aalto
35. pate
36. sadat
37. zhou en-lai
38. agatha christie
39. christie
40. dame agatha mary clarissa christie

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