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1. aichi prefectural gymnasium
2. aichi prefectural university
3. akita prefectural university
4. aomori prefectural aomori high school
5. aomori prefectural high school
6. chiba prefectural board of education
7. ehime prefectural general athletics park
8. fukui prefectural dinosaur museum
9. fukui prefectural school for the blind
10. fukui prefectural school for the deaf
11. fukui prefectural university
12. fukuoka prefectural fukuoka high school
13. fukuoka prefectural university
14. gunma prefectural women's university
15. gunma prefectural womens university
16. hiroshima prefectural art museum
17. hiyama prefectural natural park
18. hokkaido prefectural board of education
19. hokkaido prefectural sports center
20. hokkaidō prefectural board of education
21. hyogo prefectural art museum
22. hyogo prefectural museum of art
23. hyōgo prefectural art museum
24. hyōgo prefectural museum of art
25. ishikawa prefectural nursing university
26. ishikawa prefectural university
27. iwate prefectural board of education
28. iwate prefectural university
29. kagawa prefectural baseball complex
30. kanagawa prefectural board of education
31. kokura prefectural office
32. kumamoto prefectural university
33. kyoto prefectural botanical garden
34. kyoto prefectural university
35. kyoto prefectural university of medicine
36. mie prefectural college of nursing
37. miyagi prefectural track & field stadium
38. miyazaki prefectural nursing university
39. nagasaki prefectural university
40. nara prefectural university
41. niigata prefectural baseball stadium
42. niigata prefectural botanical garden
43. okayama prefectural university
44. okinawa prefectural board of education
45. okinawa prefectural college of nursing
46. okinawa prefectural museum
47. okinawa prefectural university of arts
48. osaka prefectural board of education
49. osaka prefectural gymnasium
50. osaka prefectural nakanoshima library
51. osaka prefectural university
52. osaka prefectural urban development
53. prefectural
54. prefectural capital
55. prefectural city
56. prefectural earth defense force
57. prefectural gymnasium
58. prefectural industrial promotional hall
59. prefectural museum
60. prefectural museums
61. prefectural road
62. prefectural roads of japan
63. prefectural universities
64. prefectural university
65. prefectural university of hiroshima
66. prefectural university of kumamoto
67. saitama prefectural university
68. tokushima prefectural joto high school
69. tokushima prefectural jōtō high school
70. tokyo prefectural board of education
71. toyama prefectural university
72. yamaguchi prefectural art museum
73. yamaguchi prefectural museum of art
74. yamaguchi prefectural university
75. yamanashi prefectural university


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