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1. augustin malar
2. dina malar
3. fortis malar hospital
4. idhaya malar
5. joanne malar
6. lake malar
7. maalai malar
8. malai malar
9. malar
10. malar abscess
11. malar arch
12. malar balasubramanian
13. malar bone
14. malar bone or zygomatic bone
15. malar bones
16. malar elevator
17. malar eminence
18. malar erythema
19. malar flush
20. malar fold
21. malar foramen
22. malar hospital
23. malar lake
24. malar lymph node
25. malar node
26. malar or zygomatic
27. malar or zygomatic bone
28. malar point
29. malar process
30. malar rash
31. malar region
32. malar stripe
33. malar surface
34. paasa malar
35. tom malar
36. vladimir malar


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