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Quick definitions from WordNet (rush)

noun:  (American football) an attempt to advance the ball by running into the line ("The linebackers were ready to stop a rush")
noun:  a sudden burst of activity ("Come back after the rush")
noun:  a sudden forceful flow
noun:  physician and Revolutionary American leader; signer of the Declaration of Independence (1745-1813)
noun:  grasslike plants growing in wet places and having cylindrical often hollow stems
noun:  the act of moving hurriedly and in a careless manner
noun:  the swift release of a store of affective force ("He got a quick rush from injecting heroin")
verb:  step on it ("He rushed down the hall to receive his guests")
verb:  run with the ball, in football
verb:  urge to an unnatural speed ("Don't rush me, please!")
verb:  act or move at high speed ("We have to rush!")
verb:  attack suddenly
verb:  cause to move fast or to rush or race
verb:  cause to occur rapidly
adjective:  not accepting reservations
name:  A surname (common: 1 in 5882 families; popularity rank in the U.S.: #706)

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Words similar to rush:   hie, hurry, spate, bang, charge, first-come-first-serve, flush, haste, hasten, hotfoot, induce, kick, race, rushed, rushes, rushing, rushy, speed, stimulate, surge, more...

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